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कुर्वेन्वेह कर्माणि जीजिविच्छयते समाँ। एवं त्वयि नानथतोऽस्ति ना कर्म लिप्यते नरें।। अर्थात हे मानव सौ वर्षों तक तू जिने की ईच्छा कामना कर वह भी बीना कर्मों में लिप्त या तल्लीन हुए, अर्थात निस्काम कर्म करके। गीता में येगेश्वर कृष्ण यही बातें कहते है।
     Why did I make a decision to engrave a book? The primary question occurs in everyone’s mind you will also eco of indication. I do not be on familiar terms with too much. But the supplementary I consider and that in itself is distinctive. Through his volume he summarizes some of you please mail by typing in a page. I have the inspiration that what shall I write? So the function of the book I started writing this. But the main question to all people. This book is the answer I can give in a few words. Today the knowledge, science, the universe has been known by. Is the realization of human glory? His scent as I have prepared this book. How did the human soul a sense of fulfillment? And how it changes your life in ecstasy? And this is nothing new. Now comes the question who is he? Refuse to recognize that we all have, or are rejected by the world. Apart from the hypocrisy of religious conviction named after him, I do not know religion. I do not talk religion. You are unique, wonderful treasure and reinstate it again to your right are full of them. The itinerary is to go beyond life and death, which way he is? Comfortable with the idea but am inspired to experiment. Great spiritual meditation master I also to work as before, so their life energy of the body's entire life has been gone. Because the totality of life, almost effortlessly and accept in her perfectly and I liked them. The nectar is how dead people that I know of. To follow that route is being used by me. Free of the human mind and human mind into his consciousness can be neutral? I'm talking about him. That I speak to a human with the divine. Beyond the soul does not mean I know God. It follows. I want to say that a man crawling on the ground is not creepy-crawly; the unparalleled master of the universe is invisible wings. The blank is not empty. He spent much of the taxes and is growing. This book is the key to the treasure of human life implies that ignorance is darkness just like a curse on her blood dry - dry and it is killing him. Way - such hypocrisy insincerity ideas, principles and beliefs which give light beyond the sun that the sun has set up, which washed away thousands of lives. How can clean the dust? That in this book are the same thing.This book is written for human beings and support of the favor. I've used them all the great man to man and his life in the glory of exchange do things, whether they are enlightened, or that scientists are enlightened, because I am a man of the world and the world, earned or received to date that humans also use us for all that has been accumulated, and the work I have done. As the seeds I already existing in humans, ignorance, knowledge, science, and knowledge of existence, is supreme. situate again providing him how to develop it flattering and totally comfortable themselves with the fruit juice flavor forever - forever, get up, and compassion, May you drown in the sea - to drown the dying, who is choking Sansen Ban it for them nectar, honeydew juice, nectar, this is my desire to be the door.I want to make it through a verse of the Upanishads is the truth from the lies that Sdgmay Asato mother's side and mother Jyorthygyn Tmso, ie darkness darkness, ignorance, hypocrisy towards the light that Jyoti Anand, Mrirtyu Amritgmay mother. That is the fulfillment of that discontent with the nectar of death to the running of the invitation only. Understand that it is ready for it. This book is beyond the human mind or her center has been constructed keeping in mind. And as he he does not know levelheaded. The origin of this book is here to let he endeavor Title I of the book and all chapters of the Vedas and Upanishads to the naming and something new is added by his side. Title of the book is not the body means the owner, King, King said. The universe has been body.and. He does not speak for the bamboo flute player in the human body that is invisible soul by which it is to kill off blown off blown on the body is ringing. Veda mantra clear - is it clear that I am not the body. Otherwise, the owner said the king, that the human mind knows your body as much out of her body Brhmandiy God knows, and who knows only to the scientific body, but also what the Scientists do not know it is going.Rsomritn you the’s Jyoti Brahma says the Veda itself, that you yourself filled with the divine nectar, juice is light.
  That began to await the arrival of the boat.
The priest became very long evenings watching the boat and the boat was nowhere visible.As the - in the same way as it was evening, gradually coming to him was very great difficulty. He did not see a solution. Then he saw the golden sun sets over the entire earth Lalima was moping in his arms. Suddenly his eye fell on the side of the river; others were surprised to see it. That way your practice of your time, Lynn was a great Rhsydrshi master revered saint.
    Rhsydrshi master sitting on the side of the river, others thinking for a while and given to my son down from up above you’re already on the river shores of the others.

Thing I want to start a story.
This was once a huge temple in South India. Purohit worked in the hundreds. The main Purohit one night, his dream came and told him that God in the temple yesterday I will come, your hospitality has been accepted and become invisible God. The next morning, he and others associate minister main chief priest told today God is coming to meet us. Other priests who were his friends do what the fuck Where is he God? And it is impossible to come because of the divine name is not something that we all put the money or Yun's our occupation or business.The chief priest was God in a dream which he has to say, if God really come then we are in trouble for us all, are we, anyway? Food was prepared. When everything was ready, he began to look forward to the coming of God sit Priest.He was servant to look far back as much as necessary Was he reported no sign anywhere of God - do not know. Then gradually - deliberate evening while waiting at the bottom - at a snail's pace night was hit and was not divine. When all the courage to wait. We all understand the mental make fun and call us fools. Then get them all the food was made for God. After all - their bed moved on. He is coming out of his chariot is coming from the sound of the temple.Then they were all asleep, when all sleep a little later, when the gaze at opened a second Purohit, and he said no and open the door to God's voice is the sound of his footsteps. All day long God - God and your God has not been saying, now on the air running and washed ground - Dhuster's voice is the sound of the footsteps of God understands you. You have a great guy to sleep, to sleep all the way back. When the time expired and then been revived and a Purohit do not sleep now because he's really divine. Knock on the door - is Kta. Then there was surprise, all the Puronhiton Puronhit that together have the best lay in the Puronhit LET badly injured - was Luhan, the killer Puronhiton widows said that it is the noise of the air crash . Then put another sheet by selling horse were all asleep.ft - feet and began to cry, the villagers came to see him and he asked what is it? Why are you crying? The priest said that God was calling us to come to the door and we were sold the horse to sleep, he went back. It was only with Purohiton is the same with all of us.It is an attempt to wake himself. Father God's grace this auspicious and holy day and all I did was what our qualifications? Then he said to our ability we all have extreme, and every moment is of no interest. That first honor, faith, love and greetings to greet him, filled with heigh greet luck. It does not get free anything in the physical world. Our self-interest behind every object is a must. The self-physical, divine or spiritual may be it is certain, that selfishness is the root, the owner brought Tulsi Das Ji says that all personality selfishness is the uniting of all Preity sur nar muni. Infrastructure that is the wasi of interest here, namely the human Sur Muni God through the power of this is to edit each task. We all have interests in all of the functions that can be anything.is doing. He is also the reason that we can not see. Our ignorance and arrogance stands are blocked.is too sad.entire life force energy expenditure is to be spent.
   And is about what kind of God? As is usually never agreeing with the views of one religion are Pndit second religion. Annihilate religions a religion to others are devoting their full strength. Islam and evangelical preaching, Christians Dharramantrn Jumbo - November is very fast. Who has more money than the religion of the fruit is full? Today the state of Christianity in order to back the huge amount of money spent and lives are being wasted.
  Lord Buddha that his fame was too much of those times were at their peak.
   Then he brought a cool healthy elephant and four blind the men, the Buddha told them to blind individuals go to see the elephant and the elephant tell me What's coming up? Blind man touched the elephant's ear and he come third blind man informed that the elephant is like the clothes. Different because all the elephant - a second match was not reported separately. They all looked at the elephant and the elephant began to tell all the others what’s New? It has been said about him or who is right? Means.Which have eyes that no one asks what and how the elephant running the religion or the divine?
  Tomorrow I'm opened for all day or in advance a plan for me to not settle for anything.Other than that there was no other way I do it makes me, being mine. I myself do not ever ask the question why? Why has this not been answered? It's comfortable, that way the river flows, sea and riding the wind is blowing clouds. The answer is self-created and all self-liar, lying, hypocritical and self-fulfillment are to make. The true meaning of life and is not authentic. Can not be true, true, very large, broad cosmos space, enigmatic life as it s the kind of space is low. Is not an end which is eternal? Just see your face in the placid waters of the lake or its Tsbir watch glass. Similarly, in the words of the dead is a reflection of truth. In keeping with the true meaning of the word the word is not something good. Berth of the river is the question. The life of sacrifice is the way the human divine blessings of God for his welfare. Sorrow has borrowed and glory the divine nature of life itself internal.
 Emphasis in the sea waves hit the boat was buffeted who was 15 to 20 feet high in which the crew had no hope of survival. Boat pieces - pieces and gradually took on the sea front and the sailors were Behons. When he had his eyes open shore of the island. Where he was all alone and simply divine. I spend my life.The fire consumed on the island. He asked God to know everything, you done? The ship's captain told us that we all understand Tumharen Dhua appeared to signal that something's stuck on the island that we all want Mdt.He is also close to his body.
    In this mantra we gradually descend deeper meaning hidden in it is subtle and stealthy.   
 Maharishi Dayanand is saying. The a, u, m characters, together they create a community name of the Prmenshwar, as the shape of the Virat, fire and Biswadi, Ukar the Hirnergbh, air and Tajasadi, Mkar God, Aditya and Prajradi names the readers and customers. Satyashastron Vedadi the same is evident in the lectures. Prmenshwar Prkrna name of all is friendly.
   He is saying that the world's most ancient texts of the Vedadi that God or some script which can not be added to nor subtracted anything can be the same. Veda itself is expressed in Adwatiy and the invisible are invisible to the roots I am saying that he has been lecturing in Satyashastron.
Shape, Ukar and specific properties of the divine nature Mkar described referring to the interpretation or decribable directly shape a means of sizing, Ukar means to Kalyan favor of others, Mkar all means Kalyan A, all the truth or to punish the murderer to justice and that the three main Sattayen Tratwad say, God, life, nature is the basic three elements. The scientific electrons, protons and newtron and say it in the ancient time Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are called only when it was written by Popularity Vaseshik Car Kanada core philosophy, seminal fluid, and these three topics you would say to keep in mind Vedas were created by God to the human body is designed with the help of God appeared in the human body. The trilogy is known as Veda Vidya, ie knowledge, work, worship, not just the information as a means of knowledge is knowledge of the Infarmensn. Today is lot of demand for this knowledge and being understood. As stated by one or Vidyavimukty, knowledge or wisdom that frees the soul from the material body withceremony rit.   If you know a free man in the world and find out sad adversity is not only impossible, but we all see it exactly the same upside down or vice versa.Who knows this is make the whole preparation is for each side Samuhik suicide. Which we understand today's knowledge appeared to judge her car Rishi Gautam, wind, Jlp, saying filibuster. True knowledge is that which we are embedded in the Sanskrit Vedic Sanskrit or in any of Duniya and have been told by the sages Mahrshion. Vedas, Upanishads and the philosophy of the world is not all of Truth Adhik to Prchhayin. Maharishi Dayanand Brahma himself has to say as I feel from the Gemini and approved by all the saints, I'd follow him and all his knowledge as a cohesive Nichond Bidhan Antrik is traveling. Enter and go beyond the science of death. All knowledge is nothing but the art of dying. Who wants to die on this earth today? Pursharth make me available means to open your eyes there is no path other than that.  one well wisher of his people were seeking him many friends. Now mine eyes shall mean the right to spend the money in vain. I'm doing what my family is full of good people with how well the care and the care. A total of twenty eyes in my family my wife and four sons, four Bhuyen is a beautiful child, their eyes running from the mine's entire work. People tried to convince him to Briddh. But his sense of love and affection had Brast. Due to its Jid Briddh that did not fix your eyes, in the end to explain it to people. For a while everything was going well because he was an old big business. He had enough money for him. Than the needs of the family which would take into account, it only Mahsus your eyes did not need to.have stepped out of the house, then he remembered any of them Briddh man is left inside the burning house. Briddh man he was burning alive and yearning - yearning was there screaming no one to help me but it was not his thing.What could have been but a lot of doors, but the time - time to bump the wall, until his death or not Pkenru sped away. The door looks as if he had the wisdom not Indri eye. Have an external eye and an Antrik eyes. Wisdom which says that he had lost both eyes due to the premature death was available. The same is happening with all of us we all want to keep the eyes of others. The fire has started in all of us and treated with external leaders and asking spiritual knowledgeable man. Despondent and disdain the same result in life, nothing more than discontented. When the master of all yoga philosophy, as we all sat in the car says Ptanjli. S Purvesham Guru Kalenanvchcedat Api.Others in trouble with his own eyes does the same thing No matter how much knowledge there is no work. It was knowledge.Sage from the very best of today's scientists is outstanding.is. Only with the new - new words have been born or increase. Rit is made by means of SAGE meaning is eternal Shaswata attention that is holy that means he has to stabilize itself spells Drashta. Wiseman. Sage is the seer of the mantra that the mind is the mind and heart to heart interview. The fundamentals are still the same way was the way the Vedas were written.Genuine fundamentals are the same. He is also still the same way. Now understand this mantra.is. Every moment the whole of all creatures, animals, creatures of the wellness is still, and his life is by his sacrifice. He precipitation fun with his life from which it is his life or fragrance flower is fragrant. All that sacrifice is the sacrifice of a much extended meaning and mysterious word. Understand the sacrifice a little bit like being told the Brahmin texts that “Sreshttmn banks karma" and the entire universe that human sacrifice is the best thing. While presenting the glory of sacrifice rigved '1, 16,4,35, the Yajurveda 26 .62 '.104 Arthved '9' "Ayn Yjo Bhuvnsy belly" the sacrificial pit of my stomach is the center of the world universe. Sacrifice the overall world and the world of words has been considered the foundation of the universe. Chhandogyopanisd "4,6,2" and in Brahmngrnthon "Yjo Y. Y. SPuruso Yjञः" Satapatha Brahmana 1,3,2,1 'words were the creation Abhihit Rcayta divine sacrifice. Similarly, the meaning of the ultimate sacrifice in gved the man from the sacrifice all knowledge, science, universe and creation as the enforcement, saying, Yjen Yjmayjntdewa, Tani Dharmani Asn Prthamani. Te t Nakan Schant Mahimanः .. "gved 10/06/16" Diwygun containing the great men of God as a sacrifice, the sacrifice of his life that have Pujn. Mndit all the glory and the Lord of men, devoid of the suffering of all kinds available Brahmi status salvation.    
ध्वन्यात्मक रूप से पढ़ें
अनुवाद को रेट करें

 For the Lord as our once great Tue - Hello Greetings Phuchen time.
   It is a way to self-torture, suffering, give Pidha Pratanit and the like - to keep the evil etc. Pursharth're vexed by troubles. Snskarit you all been for a long time, and even today it is being continually, this is called the Cultural cultural values. And all you have control over the manner in which the Ns Nadhiyon and you do not know who the hell are you, neither you nor your future infrastructure.
It can be a big no-nonsense. It is enough to make all Tumharen Samsan ruined lives. You decorate your own funeral to be busy so Adhik have forgotten your Wastwik what is the format itself? It's a mistake you made, you should not do so. All you have to be used.Because it implies that society and its order that he Snyntrkari foundation - is Asrit on the exploitation of others. As a statement of the culture of the organism Bhojnm Jivsy. It is the nature of the natural end of life of others by a person can maintain his life. But that balance control is essential to human life is almost extinct. What is right and wrong which is not only gave her knowledge? And if you have knowledge when it becomes a big problem because there is incomplete knowledge of science and ignorance. That is the perfect man are supreme. These three means of God as the divine life is the Pren.Everything is nothing to let him work, themselves, like the seer is to keep neutral. The moment you come to enjoy this moment, all of which will be unique Paogen. You'll be surprised to know that you were absent had the highest Tumharen something like this to enlighten all men. You and your prosperity is with you every moment that you can not separate the power of a Duniya. But you get used to always live in tomorrow from the past which cleaned up anything in life - does not look like fresh new Nvela Budn of Os Sdhandh only visible from all sides. Sentences riders the eye and senses how much he can give only a deceit. But it can not create animation. I want people to understand that his existence and his language, his joy in his life right now is Tttkshn in Agos.Stress is a fool.

 भूतान्यात्मेंवाभूद्विजानतः Ysminswarni. Tatra Aktwmnupshytthe MohK mourning.
   As the secretary is saying she knows who has it. So how can he have all that anxiety, stress, grief may be infatuation Mukt he gets to see.
   This thought, immutable, the cognition of the first moment Nirbij tombstone.
Jenon is a famous story called for them. Everyone should learn the art of stealing. Japan was a very famous thief was so famous. In India, the best way to honor great men. As the worship of great men like Ram in India, and West and worship are respected scientists in the Nobel.
Even her most excellent award by the king of the land was given to him. The way India is the best Uchy master of the gentle nature of the award them the Bharat Ratna, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan is given. Similarly, the thief was also prized.Fabric is hard to do well. It means eliminating the liquid is dried. But the thief was very different nature, and the very famous symbol of Japan's Rhsydrshi the classical Siddha Yoga. Briddh 80 years when he was a thief. It was only a young boy at that time. One day he said to his father is now old enough to die before you learned your art to me too, because he thief was a superior teacher of thieves. Her father told her it is a very difficult task in mind it is like to be off and where it is accessible to everyone.Because neither the world nor the son is the father. It is a Rhsydrshi can not be compared to anyone it is great in itself. Finally, when he saw his son is not listening to him he said okay then you walk with me tonight.Niv was the work of digging it like it is working in your home. His son stood next to him cry - cry was Kapan were not released from his Pasine. The time - time moving around - moving it was to see the fear he was being persecuted, he could catch a thief. His father was engrossed in the task of digging their Niv focus in like he was oblivious to all around. What if the hole in the foundation of the house entered and called his son inside the house.Bshu Those that have taken her to Avon.Meanwhile, his father and his son were trapped in the closet that cursed a lot to get where I am trapped by this fool? He has absolutely zero Dimang him something that he did not understand what to do now? He had never imagined that she was with him. Which can be used to get out of work can be done in the still night, otherwise it will be too late now. The view from inside the cupboard and the cupboard as she was scratching like a rat or cat has been trapped in the closet. ran from there. leads instantly showed that con maid whom she ran outside. The boy was a thief just like the river runs into the sea during the Bris. In times of storm run away with the wind like dust particles. When he saw the way these people very difficult to save the lives of themselves will be difficult.
While the thief out of the guy behind the Jadhiyon Just when reached by way of the home? Snoring can kill his father put a blanket on his face - is so easy to kill. He said to his father's mouth and a blanket stretched, did you? Moved to lure me to stay and sleep here, he's had trouble in my life. Ugte his father came and said you go to sleep now talk about this morning. Then again put the blanket over his mouth was gold. Own personal knowledge and experience here helps.Why would you have killed me, my son and my property in Tumharen Tumharen had to be inside. Sufi Zen says that any prior work experience in the type of theft does not work because the day has to go to a new house and new Pristhiti. The way of truth, which is thirsty for her all the breast every moment is new. The experience of some others do not even own work.
Indran important that we do not Srirm body is not the owner. Which is the only body it is male or female, is similar to the imperfect and blind, and that any woman or man whose eyes have the Indra, the lord is king. Where men and women have completed a second where there is a difference. Shiva's penis is not a cunt head. That's the only one Lingam. He is the only signal are living your life like a blind. Antrdristi whose reason is not just the right way. Looking at the Shiva lingam is Wastwikta to understand? As Pratik has been submitted to any corner of the world can see today.Suszzit of all that decking has just Pratik and a second secret is hidden behind her. The most important attraction is complete Adhik Snbednshil most precious human body. Wastwikta it's all we need to know your penis through meditation. The meaning of gender and the human says this is the only one on earth. The gender of the pallet Bidhiwat Curry worship Tulsi Das. Duja not like Shiva Shiva Mohee .. Taxes that are gender Sthapit worship and meditation. Themselves well to know that there is no one like him. The soul is the mind, freeing it has been linked to celibacy is the meaning of Shiva is the source of all welfare. Jnnendrion also means is that all organisms have the opportunity to take the lead.

Gautam says the car is the legal philosophy Ligdm .. That desire, aversion, effort, happiness, sadness is knowing which is the same gender Mti soul. Is bound to be confusion.Having the earth and the mausoleum of both complement each others. Human face is beautiful which are liked by all. The attraction is not the foot is considered ugly. He is less interested. But the ultimate perfection of the human body is essential. It is a place of sex in the lives of all. Each human is born by mating. Derivation of the self is and that we all have bad ugly and wrong.Because sex is somehow less than the sacrifice. Sage is saying that it is necessary to पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्रा Bdran. That all of us in the spirit of sacrifice which is the welfare of all the beasts to the welfare of all Prniyon. Akalyan never see scenes like the one right here in our sight.
   It is not until the welfare of all the Shiv Smjegen then it's impossible not to understand the adversity. The main base of the penis it is the birth of the lingam. When gender was understood Shiva Jayenga automatically understood.
Shiva is true that for each particle crosses the point of worship of Bisesh statuesqueness has not been anywhere.infrastructure of the entire Sanskrit literature is not wrong to say the theory stands on the foundation of celibacy. Celibacy is the conversion of the main Kimiyan or science. Shiva is also true that the science of explaining himself to interview ever - ever get anything in the physical thirst quenched even after he goes. The mirage of the self-satisfied and have received the absolute joy.
 Who is blind can be cured of their eyes. When light is evidence of the right eye. But the physical eyes can not see. Eye of Shiva who is called Shiva. If that is his right eye which will use Bidhi Gunjais to suck it is not called Krishna absolute knowledge or absolute promise can not feel it, and Shiva's eye in all of us. Is necessary only to open and the opening of the macular, which is technically, called her attention? Krishna is the ultimate promise of all that the Vedas are the ultimate promise.Vedas, the soul in a sense, wisdom, chastity, Rit, and is also known as Shiva. Chapter is the meaning of spirituality is connected to the soul. That is the lesson of spiritual enlightenment all knowledge about soul and spirit is the beginning of universe. Because the body without the spirit is nothing more than dirt.The Lord Indra is the king.
   The only treatment is to Antrhyami.is our chance. No one ever proved any of the men's faces Sikn or any conflict with the world and everything opposed Antrdwnd Pidha have not seen the complaint. But they say that times have changed.
He did not know about the human consciousness is that consciousness never changes. Here in this world is a different situation.are. As we had already considered involves three main kinds of pain, physical, mental, and spiritual world of the Sampurrn which many say I am completely healthy. Say that it is healthy to the body which is Adhik Mansik the amount of disease. Of divine and spiritual Presani almost everyone is affected or Pidit. Which proves that men are always overwhelmed Prfullit and fresh joy.
 Life can be anything from a unique and impossible to imagine that fee, and it is also the life of the poor are not even any object on the Bhumnndl. Can we have any ideas on the subject in two ways? Life of the party of enlightenment Pajtiv Bidaik vision. The other side of negative life is ignorance and darkness. There is a third party in whose favor a sage, Maharishi, theologian, monk, mystic saint, yogi and master's standing.Adhik some of it is mundane. Third parties which it otherwise what on earth the most valuable of all is the same Kaudiyon. Although sage is saying that the body will be Bshm body is going to end.It means you both say the same While the new mantra of the Vedas is not saying that at all. Vedas are clues to third. It is the eternal constant travel.Now the question is who will do the introspection? He who is Bshm or continued to the end - a step that is growing. Or as a witness, who is looking to the Kriya.Similarly, in the body which has power over life Bshm getting the ashes of coal. So the sages of Bidhiyon Aviskar like pranayam is created. What is pranayam? The answer is paying Ptgli. Sati Tsmin प्रश्वासयोर्गतिविच्छेदः Prnayambreath. There are Shanse Prswans our breath-taking place on his own or her own control Krlena is pranayam.That is a terrific way we all save money - to save costs or expenses in the same manner as a yogi, knowledgeable, attentive to the life energy to expend. Thereby ending the life energy can be saved by having Samapt quickly.
Srotramsi Srotrn giving the Daः. I give you the power of listening to ear Asi Prbho you truly I am saying it is the welfare of the Biswatma. We all spend way to save money - save energy the same way that life is valuable even than that Adhik. Which is constantly moving towards Anrt can observe how the soul? Finally, as the body is growing.This is the brain trunk of the Sanskrit scholar Chanakya says Ysy Blmn Tsy intelligence, where intelligence Arrthat force there. The edges and second edges on the body but the soul is a witness, witness the two in the middle. The Vedas say the same that come in the middle. As the Buddha says that Mdyamnikah not the ocean like the right side of the body on the side of the sea, the second is like the soul. These two do not stay on the side because it is dangerous to both shores. Here then is SIR and the second prey too unpleasant on the side that will only hurt themselves enslaved soul. Yho in this world is neither sought nor unpleasant. Equally we need to see the temper of the Viksit is that they do so only add Smdrshi. As the Buddha says is the same as everyone watches. Which is more pain to the enemy which is unpleasant? This he said to his friend Adhik is connected to your enemy. Baragy because sadness is a form of hate.Baragy Ptgli to say. दृष्टानुश्रविकविषयवितृष्णस्य Vshikarasnja Baragyamr .. As has been the poor man is better than the sensible Dusmn.
भूतान्यात्मैवाभूद्विजानतः Ysminsrwani. Tatra Aktwmnupshytmourning the MohKः.
    Arhi I remember a story once of an emperor was traveling far from his horse. Under a tree, he suddenly saw a man who was sleeping in my mouth open.
Because some people who have the habit of falling asleep open your mouth.The king could only see the tail of the snake in the man's face went into her stomach. What then did the emperor for his whip and beat the sleeping man Brshana or she has Suru. The passing down of the tree he was sleeping and woke up to see her Nid He was very surprised why this guy is killing him. She began to cry badly you're killing me. I like what is done - so he began to beg and Prrthna. Strong and very powerful fallen king of the road was quite young. He did not listen to that guy. He did not vomit the snake in his stomach. When the snake came out to see him and the king of the man surprised Ckit steps taken heigh Pakn filled with luck.occurs. Kill me, your death is not. Udeshy mine also had to rescue your life in some way. If it does work I have already told you it was not possible.
   As Kabir says that cynical Niyren Rakiye Cway grotto courtyard. Nature without soap and water to clean the bin.. Only.
Says that the truth of the Galilee Galileo easy to find after a time to be considered, they found it to be necessary.