गुरुवार, 3 फ़रवरी 2011

the fragrance of mysterious edification

I am not the mind, intellect, thought, or opinion of yourself;
Not investigation, not tasting, and not smelling, not considering;
I am not the fundamentals–the atmosphere, earth, conflagration, air:
I am the form of mindful ecstasy: I am the strength of mind!
I am neither Prana, nor the five of the essence airs;
Nor the seven apparatus of the unpleasant body;
Nor the subtle bodies; nor organs of action:
I am the form of Conscious Bliss: I am Spirit!
I have no repugnance, clinging, revenues, a figment of the imagination;
No jealousy or self-importance, and no responsibility or principle;
I have no aspiration, and I have no self-determination:
I am the form of Conscious harmony: I am Spirit!
I have no advantage or transgression, nor gratification or tenderness;
No mantra, pilgrimage, Veda or surrender;
Not enjoying, pleasurable, or enjoyer;
I am the outward appearance of Conscious Bliss: I am Spirit!
I have no bereavement or trepidation, no dissimilarity of background;
Neither member of the clergy, nor mother, nor do I have confinement;
No friend or family member, spiritual leader or supporter:
I am the form of Conscious Bliss: I am Spirit!
I am devoid of attributes; I am without outward appearance;
I am omnipresent, I am all-pervading;
By senses safe and sound, neither without charge, nor predictable:
I am the form of Conscious Bliss: I am Spirit!
    I decided to write this book did it first the question will arise in the minds of you all. I'm pretty much the people but not as much as I know he himself is unique. I took him to publisher to print the book and he refused to publish when I took a second loop of the publisher and told that if he said something to her you want to say come take a page write. I thought of quite a few pages just how such a large book to write this book than I have not written it yet why I wrote let the foreword and the Prolegomenon I started writing this book.
  This is the mystery about the fragrance of mysterious edification that is come the man who is unknown at this time that is the foundation of rich culture and civilization of east and spread entire world the base is Vedas written by Vedic sage many-many years ago I have chosen some sweet fragrance that is compendious abstract about it not complete but this is the nectar of spirituality. 
   I will not give you this is new knowledge of spirituality but attempt to explain what are real and rare things in the ancient spiritual treasure of the eastern world in this book the answer I can give in a few words. And the word of divine truth in the book today and has been known that the secret to its flavor or fragrance only. As this book is to be expressed as the main name. Knowledge today that have been deemed to be by science and spirituality nonrepresentational it is the smell of his words in the swing of things by me I have been through this book. And their stories which are attractive much also I have used the human spirit to achieve ecstasies, which are the means by using them in your life to own life perfectly perfect. By which the human soul has the sensation of bliss. As his fragrance fills up in this book I have been a great effort. Because the only way today has been reported that human cognition and self-knowledge of the completely enlighten which he is also helpful to know them. All in the life of a human problem and the difficulty is all only a response that is the transformation of consciousness to super consciousness how practical are available using her entire life to achieve her ultimate goal in life which is the purpose of this book. And this is nothing new that even the very old then come when he appears in front of you if you give it refused to recognize that even if your internal existence. And that who talked about the existence in this world no any only acknowledge that person like that Jesus and many more men is available in this world Socrates’ or Mansur. After bereavement every one veneration that individual and to distribute? This person name lot of hypocrisy, unawareness makes every man and women with personality like disaster and destroys everything that is original. This type of ignorance and hypocritical man gives the name that things this is the religious conviction but they only make an effort to destroy original religion. Original religion is know them self by meditation practice without it no other way. I do not say that I completely know about the religion because I don’t know how many religions exist on the earth mad? By hypocritical man. Who is? Know what is original religion and spirituality that an internal process of our existence and that is beyond mind, life and death original spirituality and religion is the door of nectar. My knowledge is only the relation of myself? Existence experience and who is? Know that type of understanding that is my best friends and my continuation family member and here? I say about that. I should want to say this book that you knowing about you or understanding self with thought or any type of religion scripture most important that is very big incorrect because word is? Unfinished which type a word explain inscrutability by word of philosophy that method is completely beginning the way of wrong destination.
    Man is the emperor of universal world and which type man all over again supervision the body of universe in this book’s key and very expensive prescription also in this book. If you use properly in for every day of your life subsequently you achieved the higher destination of your life. I want to invent the way which any one inter on to death that is beyond our mind and senses and transformed death to life of nectar by meditation. I want to develop methods that which anyone stands on his foundation of the existence of the universal soul that are in the body of man. I want to join man’s consciousness to universal super consciousness that is already one but among the God and man most difficult things are man’s mind egos that come to pass lot of problems for man if man use methods of meditation then change everything in his life. Man is not known? About God but God is living the heart of man if man is visited in his internal world then he achieves them. Man is emperor and the empire every prosperous property of God but he does not therefor? He lives on this earth like an animal that live without knowledge of his existence so he suffers a lot of difficulty and painful life.
    That is the way which we are free from this dangerous disaster that is the knowledge of enternal existence by continue practice of meditation.
    Hanuman had forgotten the way his supremacy when they were reminded that they have knowledge of their strengths was the same way the human sense of yourself and his existence is not it time - time needed to be reminded that the undertaking now I have also just been. Hanuman was like when the knowledge of his power by crossing the ocean beyond reaches Lanka being the same way the man is his knowledge so he crossed the world external illusion takes to provide that freedom. For me that I have been absolutely necessary to human existence of which he himself has forgotten about it Let again reminded us of as the first great spiritual people have done. That's just the same way I wrote this beautiful book the way honey bee thousand flowers to make honey by sucking the juice the same way I spiritual master by so many constituent juice like the nectar of flower nectar showers New presentation with their few drops of time I have required to keep in mind that if the fruit juice be saved. The message to the existence require let you thirsty for the way the canals rivers by removing the water of the rivers are dry field reach without water to the desert and barren farm goods were to be green once again enveloped in it And they are desert, barren land of diamonds, pearls, gold seem to be generated the same way that the human heart even if it is a stream of nectar which way that there are ways to use it all their done to get pleasure from life to the ultimate wish of my heart desires that are available . I want to tell humans the animals are not human on the ground saunter like monkey came from the work force even though humans are a very immense the whole universe is the only human power to the people not it wonderful to use invisible wings If the human right to utilize the wings is to be on familiar terms with if it can make the world a God who is not increasingly possible for a monkey. Humans are a magnificent and exceptional treasure is the treasure so much to him extraordinarily to a great extent as the body of her body and human consciousness is not so much as distance traveled in the middle of the ground and sky present. Human about the self and my personal treasure it the way animals are not people, and in their natural habitat animal life, only food, sleep, sex, the passes are in the same way a human would, but with about the matchless treasures inside when he can not immediately know that it takes to compose obtainable so that not to tell her a wonderful nor can judge against him to like him as a nectar receives the ultimate gratification and self- look at the top of the mountain and all that it appears that others be in this world in such darkness valleys where ever light is not the same viewpoint.
      surrounded by the inner darkness and unawareness of humans for centuries that the science exists to find solutions by using the human person it has made itself much more counterfeit and the fake wear from top to bottom decorated the way a donkey lion If he gets the lion not to be dressed in fur that keeps the donkey are the same if only he had put up the lion's cover and he himself is not because people are approximating ass ass by nature so faithfully the same way today's generation are.He knows not his accurate temperament which is described by him, as he is only being made slave of the Shukrat asks if you want to formulate heroes out of the hero inside yourself Do not do something the same way, but science like the lion's ass was wearing cloths Let science and that the work is done in ages because of the great scientist Einstein said that without the spirit of science like the way the man without eyes and not including the science of spirituality such as a man without legs. Science has blinded the man she only just competent to see the outer surface of your body to science, the man turned away too much of yourself and be exceptionally in the neighborhood of death, life is not really a life mystrious while the life of inscrutability spirit of the attendance occurs when the human full space in it is clear that the man inside today are fully loaded as a philosopher once been one of Japan's spiritual master Munan Munan said so before you which are burdened inside me then I missed it in you that is the real Zen meditation is to enter into you or him try to explain it.
   This book is for them to understand that it they are written keeping in mind the subject of this book are beyond the human mind to focus on him and hit him for life. Not to hurt anyone's mind that would hurt someone if it means that he himself is not the public, though he considers himself the only body which are beyond the body to give him a place in life that are convinced that this book is worthy of understanding.

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